Councillor reports and Information




Steve Carter is the Labour councillor for Hurdsfield on Cheshire East Council. He was elected in in 2013  and again in 2015.

Steve is not a full time politician he works as a school teacher in Manchester. He is married and has two grown up children.


1/10 Attend Labour branch meeting and gave Council report

  • support campaign to end cabinet system at Cheshire East

2/10Casework Green in the Corner

3/10 Silk FM podcast published supporting connected communities event

4/10 involves with teaching English as a foreign language with refugees

7/10 Litter picking with Friends of Victoria Park 

8/9 At Harry Lawson Court with PAP staff looking at improvements

-Queens Ave security gates casework

9/10 casework Hurdsfield Primary School

10/10 Nicholson Ave path resurface casework

  • casework Barracks Mill
  • Casework grass cutting
  • Mac Exp reports Pennine Court green bin issue without talking to me or Peaks and Plains.

13/10 Directors meeting Cafe Library hub

-police Garden St casework

14/10 launch of Hurdsfield Rangers Litter pick with Neil Puttick

16/10Private Eye expose more alleged investigations into corruption on Cheshire East

17/10 Hurdsfield governors meeting

  • casework parking

18/10 Cheshire East Full Council meeting Sandbach

  • bin charges concern ignored
  • 7 police investigations into council
  • Spoke on peoples vote
  • Spoke on concern about reduced investment by AZ into UK
  • Sugar tax benefits Hurdsfield Primary School

19/10 casework Hurdsfield School

20/10 casework bins, School, grass cutting

22/10 connected communities volunteers meeting Hurdsfield Cafe

23/10 contacted BM objectors

24/10 Barracks Mill not on strategic planning this month. residents still concerned by access, fencing and loading bays

2/9 Friends of Victoria Park Litter pick

3/9 Gave my Council report to residents of Harry Lawson Court

4/9 casework catch up on Banbury Park

5/9 Met Adele from Friends of Banbury Park

6/9 Hurdsfield Library and Cafe Directors meeting

  • Fareshare delivery and distribution

7/9 casework Withyfold, Brocklehurst and parking on estate

8/9 interviews for Cafe hub manager

-Casework Barracks Mill

10/9 casework policing traffic Hurdsfield Primary School

11/9 contacted Barracks Mill developers

12/9 Hurdsfield Primary School governors meeting

13/9 on site meeting with Barracks Mill developer

14/9 Police issue written warnings to HGV using Queens Avenue

  • ANSA fix Banbury Park play surfaces

15/9 Labour Group meeting Sandbach

  • CEC e mails Bro k Ave drains
  • Hurdsfield Rd hedges reported

16/9 Appointed Rachel White as cafe hub manager

18/9 BM planning casework

19/9 Safeguarding training

20/9 gullies on Brock Ave. casework

21/9 CEC e mails reported Hulley QA junction

  • Labour “call in bin” charges
  • Reported trees on Hurdsfield Rd

22/9 Labour establish a shadow cabinet aiming to combat corruption charges on CEC

25/9 CEC finally reply to Brexit concerns casework 

26/9 Fire at Pennine Court all systems work

27/9 asked PAP to make reassurance visits to Pennine Court following fire

-casework Hurdsfield Primary School

28/9 casework Garden street garage noise

29/9 Cafe Library hub launch event 

  • interview Silk FM
  • 30/9 Treacle Market Macclesfield 

1/8received reply to my concerns from planning about the Barracks Mill development.

3/8 Reminders mails casework Bro k Ave drains, Hulley Rd paths, progress on Banbury Park play area.

Informed that the money for Hulley may not be possible

Brick drains inspected on Monday

4/8 PCSOs are making extra patrols of Banbury Park following anti social behaviour. Several yellow cards issued to parents

6/8 Cafe Directors meeting

7/8 contacted vicar re September events

8/8 Connected communities meeting cancelled 

13/8 wrote job specification for Cafe manager position

14/8 Directors meeting for cafe

22/8 spoke to police about HGV  on Queens Ave

Met again with directors

23/8 casework bin collection Ludlow Close

24/8 Withyfold issue goes to delegated powers again

Still issues with Brock drain

E mail confirming York St Corner double yellows

25/8 report that sewage drains will be replaced

26/8 variation planning for old community centre

27/8 outline planning for old Family Centre for 14 houses

28/8 received request to find out what CEC is doing for Brexit

1/7 Friends of Victoria Park

Met PCSOs on reassurance patrols

3/7 CEC e mails and casework

5/7 reported again the B Park damage to Ansa

6/7 Litter pickers delivered to Friends of Victoria Park

Checked Brocklehurst Ave grids

Police casework met Jon Director of Cafe

Visited Green in the Corner

7/7 updated my Council web site

Hurdsfield Library reopened

9/7 gave council report toHarry Lawson  Court

Casework fire windows HLC

11/7 clothing sale Hurdsfield Library 

12/7 Directors meeting Cafe on the Green

Simon becomes a director

13/7 flytipping casework

Lamp post casework

Crossing noise casework

Fair share issued from Library

16/7 Directors meeting decide to employ part time manager

17/7 casework Delamere Drive

Visited cafe

Princes Trust on Silk underpass

18/7 Mandela Day at the Cafe 

19/7 Library reopens again

20/7 Art club at the Library begins

Macc Express runs Withyfold story

E mail planning

York Street yellow line request


21/7 Macc Town Centre plan collapses developer pulls out.

Labour members consult public

July was filled with sadness after the terrible loss of local Hurdsfield Labour Party stalwart David Reid RIP


1/6 Planning approved for Wthyfold fencing against the wishes of the community

-Contacted residents

-Cafe lunch club makes£90

2/6 casework Conway C grass cutting

-Report Tesco hedges overgrown

-report ANSAs Park damages Banbury Park

-Send GmB request for election funding

-Meeting Cafe directors

3/6 Friends of Victoria Park Litter pick

-Casework Melville Rd

4/6 library closed to fit new kitchen 

-Planning applications Alinson Drive and Queens Ave

-Reported proposed closure of Queens Ave for five days in July

5/6 LED replacement across the estate started

6/6 Hurdsfield Partnership meeting at the Cafe

-Casework on passports

7/6 police report vandalism of cars again across the estate.

9/6 Candidates lUnch for 2019 local elections

10/6 police refer Corfit case to CPS

13/6 Macclesfield Express publish my political comment on pot holes

14/6 and 15/6 First aid course

17/6 Barnaby bus Hurdsfield

-KEMs concert Victoria Park

-KEMs talk in VP pavilion

-Called on community to disclose the car vandals

21/6 CLP meeting in  Macclesfield AGM

23/6 away on school camp

29/6 NHS campaign

-Met with PCSOs

-Visited Hurdsfield community Cafe

1/5 Macclesfield CLP campaign meeting

2/5 meeting web security Macclesfield Town Hall

3/5 Town Council supports first aid courses for Cafe volunteers.

4/5 May the Fourth day across Macclesfield 

5/5 Hurdsfest at Hurdsfield Primary School

Macclesfield Park run 

spoke to police about car vandalism

6/5 Victoria Park Litter pick

police Banbury Park Litter pick

7/5new bin ordered for Banbury Park from ANSA

8/5 Casework residents parking

-Planning discussion Withyfold fencing

9/5 casework Brocklehurst gullies 

-More discussions re Withyfold

-Labour Party East branch meeting AGM

10/5 Trustees meeting Alms houses

11/5 new bin fitted in Banbury Park

12/5 council surgery library

14/5 Report to residence of Harry Lawson Court

Donation to Cafe

16/5 Full Council meeting Tatton

-Mayor making

-Annual report

  • five police investigations into activities of conservative council

18/5 Banbury Park play area vandalised again

19/5 Labour Group AGM Sandbach

-Friends of Victoria Park cake sale and royal wedding celebrations

18/5 Community Cafe launch Froday lUnch club

20/5 ran the Manchester 10k

23/5 casework on buns

21/5 Wrote Macclesfield Express political comment

22/5 Alms houses casework

25/5 Hurdsfield Primary School raise £850 for Park Lane Special School 

1/4-17/4 away on holiday 

17/4 casework potholes Hurdsfield Rd

19/4 visit residents on Withyfold to discuss retrospective planning and also Barracks developers actions.

21/4 Attended at the community Cafe directors meeting

22/4 casework Percyvale Street

24/4 casework Garden St

-pCSO discussion on speeding 

25/4 casework ANsA Banbury Park deep clean required.

27/4 Director s meeting Community Cafe

29/4 contacted Highways about potential residence parking schemes

30/4 Campaign meeting Macclesfield

-Hurdsfield Rd corner by 251 double yellows approved

-Bollards on Corner of Sandgate and Delamere approved in committee

March was dominated by bad weather fallen trees and gritting concerns.

1/3 extreme weather effecting trees on estate

2/3 casework Hurdsfield Primary School

3/3 visited dangerous trees Brocklehurst Ave

Also Harry Lawson Court

4/3 Brocklehurst tree now safely down

-resources committee Hurdsfield Primary School

5/3 casework bins

7/3 contacted dog wardens again

12/3 dog wardens give details on reporting

13/3 posted dog fouling warning notices

14/3 Cafe directors meeting 

17/3 Labour Group meetingSandbach

-Casework gritting bins

18/3 reading Hurdsfield governors report 130 pages

19/3 Hurdsfield Primary School governors meeting

20/3 met Highways engineers on Sandgate re parking

-Friends of Victoria Park meeting

21/3 Library set to reopen two days per week

-Wrote letter on school meals to local paper Tory cuts effect 9000 children in Cheshire

22/3 contributed towards 2019 election manifesto

25/3 casework farmers market

27/3 Hurdsfield Family Centre moves to Town Hall site

29/3 meeting Mark Stanley at the new Family Centre

Gave my support to climbing wall organisation asking to come to Hurdsfield 

1/2 Hurdsfield Primary sub committee of governors

3/2 Attended the NHS March in Macclesfield 

5/2 Tim Pinder attends with me at Harry Lawson Court

9/2 casework flooding 

10/2 casework parking issues on Garden Street

11/2 casework dog poo on the estate

14/2 Nicholson Ave gully now cleared and working

15/2 police attend on dangerous parking patrols issue tickets and warnings Delamere 

16/2casework to police re parking concerns around Hurdsfield Primary School

17/2. resell ted by Labour Party for 2019 local elections 

18/2 contacted dog wardens about Garden Street area

Ordered more warning signs for dog owners

21/2 abandoned cars and verge parking casework

Labour Group Sandbach

22/2. full Council  meeting opposed cuts and 5.9 % council tax rise

24/2Wajid Khan MEP speaking in Macclesfield


December 2017

1/12 Updated my web site with council reports for November and October.
-Casework Hurdsfield Primary School
2/12 Labour Group meeting Sandbach to discuss the new constitution, current officer suspensions and progress on police investigations into the Conservative council decision making, reports from council committees.
3/12 Litter picking at Victoria Park with the Friends of Victoria Park.
– E mails and work on Stanley Brocklehurst Alms House trust.
4/12 contacted council officers re planned constitutional changes.
5/12 e mails/casework on the Cafe in the Corner Hurdsfield
6/12 contacted Highways about Hulley Rd parking bays.
7/12 Casework Policing issues.
8/12 Investigating the Ansa loan issue ahead of council meeting.
9/12 Helped out at the trial run Cafe opening on Hurdsfield. A full house and Father Christmas came.
– Spoke to DC regarding the Tesco Middlewood Way problems. A meeting to be held next week to make progress.
10/12 Tatton Park charity run
– spent the afternoon analysing the new council constitution.
14/12 I attended Cheshire East full Council Sandbach. Also pre council Labour Group meeting. I spoke on the constitution saying it was a missed opportunity for change and creating a system of greater transparency,accountability and scrutiny. Every opposition councillor voted against it. We set the tax base, and discussed the Ansa loan/gift. I also thanked the council leader for helping us solve the issue of Hurdsfield Primary School roof.
15/12 I wrote the Macclesfield Express political comment.
-wrote councillors report for the Labour Party branch.
16/12 the trial week for the community cafe was completed with no issues.
– I did case work on Hurdsfield Primary School.
19/12 I attended the Hurdsfield Primary School Christmas Show at Holy Trinity Hurdsfield.
20/12 Special meeting to discuss problems at Tesco end of Middlewood Way.
– Macclesfield Express cover my political comment and speech at full council. Also the incident at Hurdsfield Green this week.

Christmas break

27/12 Directors meeting for the Hurdsfield Community Cafe now due to open full time on January 8th.
The Community Company took over the Library building as well.
28/12 Hurdsfield Primary School make the front page of the Macclesfield Express for their Charity work.
29/12 Wrote my Council report for the year as part of the Labour Party councillor assessment and performance management.
-posted December councillors report on my web site.

Happy New Year

1/11 Make it Macclesfield town centre consultation event.
2/11 local media covers story of heckling by Tory councillors of my council speech
4/11 casework lights on Sandgate.
5/11 Litter picking Victoria Park.
6/11 report to residents of Harry Lawson Court.
9/11 Hurdsfield CAFE meeting.
12/9 Remembrance and poppies on lampposts.
13/11 Lights casework Sandgate.
14/11 I checked the new paths on Hulley Rd.
16/11 Cafe meeting.
19/11 Met chair of Hurdsfield Primary governors
20/11 Meeting HCG first in over a year
21/11 Hurdsfield Rd casework
22/11 HGV signs finally go in on Dover Rd.
24/11 Confirmed Tim Pinder meeting for Harry Lawson Court.
25/11 Macclesfield lights switch on.

27/11 Hurdsfield Primary governors meeting

28/11 Cafe meeting Hurdsfield

29/11 Hurdsfield Community Group meeting
1/10 Litter picking at Victoria Park
Inspected Eden Close footpath
2/10 e mail catch up
Harry Lawson Court council report
east Branch meeting Labour Party
Percyvale yellow lines on Corner are completed
5/10 Crewe East by-election won by Labour
6/10 casework Hurdsfield Rd
7/10 Labour Group meeting Sandbach
8/10 casework Hurdsfield Rd
10/10 1,200 gullies emptied this week by CEC
13/10 summer sports club to move to Tytherington for winter
14/10 Council surgery Hurdsfield Library
15/10 working on council agenda
18/10 PCSOs in Hurdsfield Primary to give respect Halloween talk
19/10 Full council meeting
20/10 Trick or treat leaflets circulated on estate
21/10 Green bin collection ended for winter
22/10 Barnaby Festival bus on Hurdsfield green for art work with kids
28/10 CEC launch homelessness strategy
29/10 police patrols increased for anti social behaviour over Halloween

2/9 SMDA affordable housing planning breached after local plan recently established.
3/9 Attended Victoria Park clean up
5/9 CEC CEO still suspended
6/9 Old Community centre demolished
PCSO on high visibility in both parks
Banbury Park children’s sports extended
7/9 Attended Highways meeting at Macclesfield Town Hall
8/9 Another town centre plan reported
9/9 Council surgery at Hurdsfield Library
10/9 sent request for speed camera SID for three spots on Hurdsfield
12/9 Attended Harry Lawson Court with PC Pennington
Visited Hurdsfield School to deliver books for Library
13/9 police surgery at Hurdsfield library
14/9 Reported path by Hurdsfield School to Highways
Victoria Park bandstand repaired
17/9 police report car break ins on Hurdsfield
Wrote Macclesfield Express political column
18/9 Local volunteers cut back hedges near Hurdsfield School
Special council briefing on police investigations into the council
19/9 Local media report police investigations into the council
20/9 warned community over scams
Dog fouling consultation starts
21/9 ex Conservative leader launches attack in media on the Conservative CEC
Casework on double yellow lines Hurdsfield Rd
24/9 casework speeding on garden street
23/9 casework Banbury Park
Casework speeding Hurdsfield Rd
27/9 council e mails
28/9 e mailed police re speeding issues
30/9 Ground force day at Hurdsfield Primary School
7/8 Posted information re children’s summer activities onto Hurdsfield social media sites
8/8 updated my web site with Council reports
-received report from PAP re fire safety procedures in the flats
-fire safety checks made at Range and Pennine Court
9/8bought new litter pickers for the library available for public use
-PCSo Blair attended Banbury Park to meet concerned residents over policing matters
10/8 Reported concerns of drug dealing near Hibel Rd to the police
Posted Macclesfield Museums children’s summer activity programme
enforcement of dangerous building on Masons Lane by CEC
Case work social services issue
14/8 Met with Mark from Healthbox re community Cafe accounts
15/8 concerned over CEC spending £70k on non LEA school
Council e mails
16/8 on holiday
24/8 Casework
Cheshire police chief Constance suspended
Highways enquiry on extended double yellows on Hurdsfield Rd
Media reports that CEC deceived public on air quality data
28/8 Alms houses casework
29/8 PCSOs attend Victoria Park and Banbury Park events
Hurdsfield Cafe policing meeting
Arundel street light finally fixed


1/7 Labour Group Sandbach discussed sprinkler systems for flats, 40% bus cuts effecting Macclesfield, alleged culture of bullying on council, latest Local Plan and media campaigns, further £30 million cuts to health services,
-2/7 Litter picking in Victoria Park picked up casework on drug dealing and other anti social behaviour
-6/7 contacted police to arrange meeting following concerns on Hurdsfield FB site
-7/7 Contacted PAP concerning progress on fire testing cladding on Hurdsfield Tower blocks.
-8/7 met residents of Masons Lane about disused and dangerous properties
-CNCU session at Hurdsfield Library
-Council surgery at the library
– Co op closing for refurbishment
– 9/7 began work on Hurdsfield newsletter
– 10/7 Attended Harry Lawson Court to give my councillor report to residents
– 12/7 Banbury Park youth group
– 14/7 Very productive meeting with senior Macclesfield Police officers about improving policing on the Hurdsfield estate.
– 15/7 chasing CEC officers about completion of roof repairs to Hurdsfield Primary School.
– General election party for our candidate Neil Puttick who achieved biggest share of vote for Labour in Macclesfield.
– 17/7 received apology from PAP regarding poor treatment of residents of Masons Lane while development had been going on.
– 19/7 Banbury Park youth group.
– 20/7 reports that crime in England and Wales has increased by 18%.
– 21/7 contacted Highways re grass cutting on Conway Crescent.
– CNCU request from Cllr Manion to set up on Weston estate
– 22/7 Labour councillors reported about alleged bullying culture on CEC.
– 23/7 cafe in the Corner delayed due to setting up bank account.
– 24/7 received replies re Hurdsfield Primary roofing issue.
– 25/7 Macclesfield Express run on Barracks Mill appeal story. I supported the development which will get rid of a dangerous building and provide jobs in the local area.
– catch up on Council e mails.
– 26/7 I attended Macclesfield Town Hall, Conway Crescent and Masons Lane to review progress. Casework calls followed.
– 27/7 Labour Group meeting followed by Full Council in – I voted against the local plan

Cheshire East bus consultation closes expected end to evening services and 40% cut to over all services. This follows school bus cuts in previous month.
– Projected overhaul of the constitution of the council to go ahead. I am concerned by this because the existing constitution actively discourages councillor involvement in calling the council to account.
9/6 Neil Puttick achieves biggest Labour vote in Macclesfield.
10/6 CNCU credit union at Hurdsfield Library. The CNCU offer bank accounts and loans at better value than pay day lenders.
– councillor surgery Hurdsfield Library.
12/6 I attended Hurdsfield Primary School governors meeting.
13/6 I attended the Cafe in the Corner directors meeting.
– attended East Branch Labour Party meeting to give Council report.
14/6 wrote to Tim Pinder CEO of Peaks and Plains about my concerns about cladding on Range and Pennine Court towers.
16/6 promoted the Hurdsfield Primary School nursery which has places available in September. Contact the school for free places and paid places.
17/6 I received reassurances from PAP about fire safety in Range and Pennine Court.
19/6 sink hole in Rainow closed road.
20/6 posted the PAP reassurances concerning tower block safety on Hurdsfield FB sites. Have requested residents meetings.
21/6 I requested HGV limits on Rainow Rd but this was declined by CEC highways.
22/6 First Peaks and Plains meeting on fire safety for residents of Pennine and Range court at Hurdsfield cafe.
23/6 Catch up on Council e mails.
24/6 Barracks Mill appeal to be heard week of 15/7. I support the application since it will get rid of a dangerous site and provide jobs for local people. Some see this as a threat to the long standing town centre development.
27/6 Met with Highways officer on Delamere to discuss how £10000 can be spent on parking improvements.
25/6 2nd residents meeting to do with Fire safety at Range and Pennine Court. This was a difficult meeting. Tim Pinder CEO PaP agreed to test the cladding even after the two fire officers said the towers were safe. This will be conducted by independent company with residents as witnesses.
29/6 Cafe in the Corner directors meeting selected business manager for the building. Only a bank account to set up now and it can open.
-Banbury Park youth activities group on Wednesday evening is proving a great success.
1/7 Labour Group Sandbach discussed sprinkler systems for flats, 40% bus cuts effecting Macclesfield, alleged culture of bullying on council, latest Local Plan and media campaigns, further £30 million cuts to health services,
-2/7 Litter picking in Victoria Park picked up casework on drug dealing and other anti social behaviour
-6/7 contacted police to arrange meeting following concerns on Hurdsfield FB site
-7/7 Contacted PAP concerning progress on fire testing cladding on Hurdsfield Tower blocks.
-8/7 met residents of Masons Lane about disused and dangerous properties
-CNCU session at Hurdsfield Library
-Council surgery at the library
– Co op closing for refurbishment
– 9/7 began work on Hurdsfield newsletter
– 10/7 Attended Harry Lawson Court to give my councillor report to residents
– 12/7 Banbury Park youth group
– 14/7 Very productive meeting with senior Macclesfield Police officers about improving policing on the Hurdsfield estate.
– 15/7 chasing CEC officers about completion of roof repairs to Hurdsfield Primary School.
– General election party for our candidate Neil Puttick who achieved biggest share of vote for Labour in Macclesfield.
– 17/7 received apology from PAP regarding poor treatment of residents of Masons Lane while development had been going on.
– 19/7 Banbury Park youth group.
– 20/7 reports that crime in England and Wales has increased by 18%.
– 21/7 contacted Highways re grass cutting on Conway Crescent.
– CNCU request from Cllr Manion to set up on Weston estate
– 22/7 Labour councillors reported about alleged bullying culture on CEC.
– 23/7 cafe in the Corner delayed due to setting up bank account.
– 24/7 received replies re Hurdsfield Primary roofing issue.
– 25/7 Macclesfield Express run on Barracks Mill appeal story. I supported the development which will get rid of a dangerous building and provide jobs in the local area.
– catch up on Council e mails.
– 26/7 I attended Macclesfield Town Hall, Conway Crescent and Masons Lane to review progress. Casework calls followed.
– 27/7 Labour Group meeting followed by Full Council in Sandbach.
– Cheshire East bus consultation closes expected end to evening services and 40% cut to over all services. This follows school bus cuts in previous month.
– Projected overhaul of the constitution of the council to go ahead. I am concerned by this because the existing constitution actively discourages councillor involvement in calling the council to account.

I voted against the Local Plan

May was dominated by the general election and the CEC officers being suspended. The council moves from one crisis to the next and this was reflected in the positive response we had for. Labour on the door step in Hurdsfield and in Macclesfield in general.

2/5 met with Canalside Radio in Bollington to discuss community engagement and funding
-casework parking issues
– spoke the. Dan Coyne re HCG
3/5 our candidate announced as Neil Puttick for general election
4/5 Hurdsfield Primary School announce new head teacher Mr Cash. Excellent choice.
6/5 Labour Group AGM at Sandbach
– discussed crisis of leadership on the council
– Labour street stall Macclesfield
7/5 litter picking with Friends of Victoria Park
8/5 gave councillors report to residents Harry Lawson Court
– Tim Pinder. CEO of Peaks and Plains attended
– Neil Puttick also attended to report on Town Council
10/5 Labour election candidate launch in Macclesfield
13/5 my council surgery at Hurdsfield Library
– street stall Macclesfield with shadow education secretary Angela Raynor
17/5 full Council at Tatton Hall
18/5 election canvassing Hurdsfield estate
20/5 election street stall Macclesfield
22/5 Brocklehurst Ave pavement resurface started
26/5 Away on holiday
1/4 e mails re credit union posters
-reminder to highways about street light fix
-labour group meeting Sandbach
-updated web site
2/4 litter picking in Victoria Park with Friends of Victoria Park
-CEC e mails catch up
3/4 Councillor report to residents of Harry Lawson Court
-rand re Percyvale street double yellow request
4/4 wrote political column for Macclesfield Express
– spoke to Highways about Dover Rd. HGV restriction signs
5/4 -15/4 away on holiday
16/4 political column published in Macc. Express
17/4 CEO of C eC suspended
18/4 general election called
19/4 police express concerns over Barracks Mill site. I support the planning appeal for the site which is due for public enquiry on 15/7
20/4 Arundell lamp post fitted
24/4 briefing for planned devolution
-casework on parking concerns
25/4 general election meeting Macclesfield
26/4 highways meeting Hurdsfield did well on small schemes
28/4 extra governors meeting
-looked at new footpaths on Delamere
29/4 CNCU credit union at Hurdsfield Library


1/3 two casework calls
– unsafe areas Masons Lane
– kerb issues Wythyfold
3/3 Informed Wythyfold kerb repairs done
– chasing street lighting issues with CEC officers
– e mailed PaP RE Brocklehurst verges
4/3 Highways confirm my three proposed schemes on agenda
5/3 investigating legality of verge parking
-completed all council e mails
6/3 casework Garden Street trip hazard
Gave my council report to residents of Harry Lawson Court
Issued invite to PaP CEO Tim Pinder for May
Spoke to Cllr Janet Jackson re Highways lists

7/3 spoke to civic re my disappointment that no Hurdsfield volunteers to receive community awards
Tim Pinder confirms attendance in May
Advertised next credit union event on Hurdsfield
Information of resignation of head of Hurdsfield Primary school

11/3 council surgery at Hurdsfield. Community Library
Launch of credit union at library
Did CNCU training with Yvonne
14/3 I attended Friends of Victoria. Park AGM
15/3 casework Masons Lane
16/3 contacted C VS requesting library volunteers
Spoke with Dan Coyne re. Cafe of the Green project and library funding
Spoke to Simon Friends of VC re funding opportunities for Christmas and summer concerts
18/3 sent job descriptions for library volunteers
19/3 Hurdsfield community library open -Adele
21/3 Hurdsfield Primary School governors meeting 3 hours
22/3. Cafe directors meeting
25/3 Hurdsfield Library open Credit Union in attendance
27/ 3 council e mails
28/3 first Highways. Intact re Dover Rd HGV concerns

February 2017

4/2 labour group meeting in Sandbach looking at budgets, devolution and tax rises.
3/2 planning application Hulley Rd no objections
5/2 Litter pick of Friends of Victoria Park
6/2 I gave my council report to the residents of Harry Lawson Court.
7/2 met with PAP re Masons Lane and damage to Brocklehurst verges by contractors
8/2 Planning applications Astra Zeneca no objections
9/2 contacted CEC re asset transfer of Masons. Lane
10/2 planning application Landsdown. Rd no objections
6/2-20/3 Formal consultation on local plan
12/2 casework Garden Street river entrance to Tesco trip hazard
18/2 casework parking on the estate
19/2 casework do poo
22/2 Hulley Rd lights
23/2 group meeting
Full council meeting budget I spoke against school bus reductions, voted against the budget. Labour win £50k in verge to parking conversions for the Borough pilot scheme also move s on compulsory landlord licensing
24/2 casework
25/2 casework Arundel lamppost
-Dog mess
-Updated my web site
28/2 casework further lighting issues

4/1 report that rail fares have increased by 27% under this government.

5/1 Cheshire East budget consultation linked to my web site.
6/1 wrote December council report.
7/1 Attended Labour Group in Sandbach looking at budget proposals, parking on verges, unanswered questions at full council.
8/1 Updated my council web site
– Cheshire East e mails
-Looked at Barracks Mill review of planing application
-casework masons Lane
-casework on Credit union for Hurdsfield
9/1 casework flooded path by Hurdsfield Primary School.
– received reply from Tim Pinder re Masons Lane PAP development
10/1 requested support for Hurdsfield Library from CVS
11/1 casework litter Hurdsfield Rd
13/1 casework ongoing issues on Masons. Lane
14/1 Council surgery at Hurdsfield Library
– requested that HT of Hurdsfield Primary School help with flooded muddy paths on Hulley Rd
16/1 we have a new beat officer for. Hurdsfield is Sgt Helen Percival replacing Sgt Peter. Brazendale
17/1 more casework Masons Lane
18/1 Barracks Mill planning appeal process started
– reports on burglaries on Buxton Rd
21/1 Did the Lyme Park Night. Run
27/1 attended meeting at. Hurdsfield Family Centre to look at funding.
27/1 attended Gas holder meeting
28/1 attended Credit Union training ahead of launch in March


1/12 significant development at AZ numerous planning applications. Not received any objections.

4/12 friends of Victoria Park clean up morning.
– visited Brocklehurst to view path reconstructions.
-visited Queens Ave store following the robbery
-completed council e mails.
5/12 Hurdsfield Alms House Trustees meeting.
7/12 Hurdsfield School Governors meeting.
8/12 cafe on the Green Directors meetings
9/12 reported parking problems at Hulley Rd junction.
10/12 council surgery Hurdsfield.
11/12 charity run Tatton Park.
13/12 organised Macclesfield Mayor for opening cafe on the green in January.
14/12 Received inadequate Riley regarding the £1 million cut to Hurdsfield. I am assured the centre will stay open but there will be mo new building.
15/12 Labour Group meeting Crewe.
-Olympic Heroes meeting Cheshire East in Crewe.
-Full council spoke on closure of Macclesfield A and E, asked about Hurdsfield Family Centre.
– attended Hurdsfield Primary School Christmas concert at Holy Trinity Hurdsfield.
18/12 friends of Victoria Park Christmas social event.
20/12 Hurdsfield Primary School singing on Silk FM.
22/12 Christmas holidays Happy Christmas and a happy New Year.

1/11 attended Constituency Labour Party meeting where I spoke community involvement.
2/11 Hurdsfield PCSO Emily Blair appointed as our new community officer.
4/11 Attended Labour North West conference in Blackpool.
5/11 attended Labour NW Regional Conference.
8/11 real concern about the potential closure of Macclesfield A and E. labour began petition and held street stall in Macclesfield.
-gasometer in Hurdsfield now being taken down.
9/11 council e mails
-casework on hedges
-casework on cycling
-planning application
10/11launch of vote for a defibrillator for Hurdsfield started.
12/11 Council surgery at Hurdsfield Labrary.
– reported that police were checking weight violations on HGV on Fence Ave.
13/11 Put forward nominations for Macclesfield Community Awards.
– updated my web site with council reports.
14/11 attended Harry Lawson court to give council update.
15/11 discovered that Hurdsfield Family Centre will have £1 million rebuild withdrawn.
18/11 wrote the Macclesfield Express political comment.
20/11 Queens Ave shop robbery. Police have clear suspect.
23/11 coursework with Peaks and Plains.
24/11casework Hurdsfield Road traffic light.
25/11 casework parking violations.
26/11 Macclesfield Christmas lights event.
28/11 unfortunately the Friends of Victoria Park Christmas event has had to be cancelled.
30/11 reports that A and E saved by the Tories when the Conservatives policy led to the cuts to the NHS in the first place.
31/11 Hurdsfield gasometer a mostly removed.

October 2016

1/10 Labour Group meeting in Sandbach to discuss political strategy
2/10 litter picking in Victoria Park
3/10 police liaison community casework
3/10 council report to evidence of Harry Lawson Court
4/10 casework overhanging trees Hurdsfield Rd
7/10 council surgery at Hurdsfield community Library
– casework gulley clearing
-preparation for community funding meeting
Visited Banbury park to look at vandalism to children’s play area
9/10 casework Hurdsfield Rd bus stop
-Brocklehurst path casework
– Nicholson Ave gulley casework
10/10 missed Hurdsfield Primary School governors meeting having prepared the paperwork but caught in traffic.
11/10 Hurdsfield Community Group meeting prepared funding bid script
12/10 CEC agree disposal of the old community centre to be a housing project
15/11 attended community funding meeting five hours
– £2200 funding won for the Cafe of the green project
– sadly the Victoria Park fitness trail failed.
16/10 casework
17/10 attended Highways briefing at Macclesfield Town Hall
19/10 repeat casework on gullets
– CEC cabinet remove school buses
20/10 Labour group meeting followed by Cheshire East full council
21/10 casework on
-fair power
-Black Lane trees
– Policing
29/10 Halloween trick or treat posters ordered
– PcSOs in local schools warning students of dangers of fireworks and trick or treating
30/10 supported Treacle market
-Met with new Hurdsfield PCSO Emily Blair

21/10 I was away on holiday


1/9 Highways LAP meeting at Macclesfield Town Hall disappointed that various ideas I had put forward did not make it onto this years programme before the money ran out.
– contacted NCS to get volunteers to help at the community library
3/9 Cheshire East Labour group meeting at Macclesfield Library to discuss proposals for devolution and the reuniting of a single Cheshire under an elected mayor.
4/9 cycled the Manchester 100km charity race.
5/9 Gave my councillors report to the residents of Harry Lawson Court.
10/9 councillors surgery at Hurdsfield Community Library.
– met with CNCU to discuss setting up a credit union on Hurdsfield to end pay day loan rip offs
11/9 two volunteers for the Credit Union have come forward via Facebook.
-Wythyfold gullies cleared
12/9 Tour of Britain a great success for Cheshire East and passing through Hurdsfield.
13/9 my web site is now functioning again after being hacked by spammers
14/9 Hurdsfield rd parking bays established fate a year of working on this.
16/9 new food bank started at the library
17/9 I attended the NW boundary review meeting in Manchester. Significant changes to Macclesfield are planned.
21/9 I attended the Hurdsfield auction houses
22/9 signed on as a non executive director of the Cafe on the Green in Hurdsfield.
24/9 updated all reports and surgery dates on my web site
26/9 council e mails catch up
28/9 Dealing with issues over the Hulley Rd junction. Reported dangerous parking to police who visited on 30/9 asked Highways for a speed monitor for Hurdsfield Rd
29/9 case work on social services and on anti social issues on a local street
30/9 dealing with complaints about litter in and around Victoria Park.August 2016

The Labour leadership elections dominated August and I support Owen Smith as the leader of the Labour Party. I was away in South Africa at the start of the month and Germany at the end of the month.

8/8 dealt with significant council e mail backlog
9/8 dealing with casework on gully cleaning and a planning application
10/8 attended Open. Day on Hurdsfield Green
-met with East Cheshire work club
– met with. Health watch Cheshire
– meeting with the new vicar of Holy Trinity Hurdsfield
11/8 started working on bringing a credit union to Hurdsfield for cheaper banking and loans. Trying to reduce impact of payday lenders and loan sharks in the area.
12/8 contacted Highways 3rd time about the gulley on Wythyforld and the junc of Queens Ave Hurdsfield Rd
17/8 trying to sort out web site going off line due to virus/malware
18/8 researching Fitness Trails for Victoria Park health bid

20/8 met with Sam and Simon at. Hurdsfield Community Library to discuss bids for £10k for the library, Banbury Park and Victoria Park
– signed up asa a Director of the new Cafe on the green which is part of our community hub in Hurdsfield.

Away in Germany

27/8 Took part in I am Team GB national event in celebration of Olympic success.


1/7 council e mails reported again the Queens Ave Hurdsfield. Rd junction problem
2/7 Labour Group meeting. Crewe
– oppose increase in council salaries
-opposed to devolution
-discussed housing shortages and opportunity to build new council homes
3/7casework parking issues on Delamere/Sandgate informed police
4/7 Gave my council report to residents of Harry Lawson Court
-police inform me that they have been in local schools re Barracks Mill site
5/7 NuT strike day
-Governors meeting. Hurdsfield Primary School
6/7 discussed with a resident a proposal for residents parking schemes in Green Lane area. They would contact residents to see interest and get back to me.
7/7 casework parking Black Lane police informed
9/7 council surgery at Hurdsfield Community Library
– Attended the boundary commission briefing for the North West in Sale
11/7 Trustees Alms Houses meeting cancelled
16/7 attended and supported the Buxton Festival
Two big planning issues
– Kings School was accepted in controversial circumstances and against overwhelming public opposition. This may now go to the secretary if state. I was pleased that our local MP was also against this application.
– The Barracks Mill retail site application was withdrawn at the last minute. I had hoped this would have been accepted

The gas tanks are being removed and residents received letters about this. Some seem happy that they are going and some see them as a landmark.

I was on holiday in South Africa for the remaining weeks of July.


June was dominated by campaigning in the EU referendum.i was out leafleting most evenings.
4/6 wrote Macclesfield Express article on the housing


-casework on grass cutting

5/6 Litter picking in Victoria Park

– spoke with the RsPB re bird boxes in the park

6/6 Tim Pinder from Peaks and Plains attended Harry Lawson Court

10/6 leafleting

12/6 leafleting
– casework grass cutting

13/6 Hurdsfield Primary governors meeting

16/6 PCSO Barracks Mill children trespass issues

17/6 casework vandalism. Banbury Park

18/6 Barnaby Festival

20-22/6 leafleting

22/6 my political column published Macclesfield Express

23/6 European referendum day

24/6 Macclesfield votes remain uk votes Brexit

27/6 casework reporting illegal alcohol sales to children


1/5 leafleting for Police Commissioner elections/Hurdy newsletter
2/5 Leafleting for Police Commissioner elections
3/5 Completed my DBS forms for Hurdsfield Primary School Governing Body.
4/5 Removal of yellow lines on Hurdsfield Rd section to press for consultation.
5/5 police commissioner Election Day on Hurdsfield.
6/6 Cheshire elects a Labour Police and Crime Commissioner.
7/5 My council surgery at Hurdsfield Community Library
– Start petition on local bus services and high prices.
9/5 Attended the Labour Group AGM in Sandbach
10/5 phone calls to local people re bus charges
11/5 Cheshire East full council at Tatton for Mayor making, Aldermen and Freemen. new mayor is Olivia Hunter and dep mayor is Arthur Moran. Agreed to update all street lamps with LED bulbs saving over a million pounds in 18 months. EU funded. Briefing on Tour of Britain stage in East Cheshire
12/5 reported Queens Ave grids to Highways
13/5 Attended the big EU debate in Macclesfield with Theresa Griffin MEP
14/5 Macclesfield Europe stall.
15/5 updated my web site with council reports.
19/5 Macclesfield LP East branch councillors report.
22/5 took part in the Greater Manchester 10km run raising money for Hurdsfield Scouts.
24/5 European referendum meeting in the Senior Cutizens Hall
25/5 meeting Hurdsfield Community Group
– meeting re new cafe hub
27/5 half term holiday

2/4 council surgery
– attended opening of Banbury Park gym with the mayor of Macclesfield
Easter holiday I was away for two weeks
17/4 arranged delivery rounds for the newsletter The Hurdy
18/4 councillors report to the residents of Harry Lawson Court
19/4 Arranged for Tim Pinder to speak to residents of HLC
Discussed HCG AgM event for next month
Spoke to planning councillors re Barracks Mill development and progress.
20/4 informed Barrack Mill will go to next Strategic Planning
22/4 casework on Alms houses
25/4 attended trustees meeting of local Alms houses
28/4 Hurdsfield primary school governors meeting cancelled.
29/4 first deliveries of newsletter.

2/3 Local Plan consultation begins.
3/3 Delighted that six of our nominations for Macclesfield Civic Awards have been accepted by the committee.
4/3 casework on Trustlink cuts at Harry Lawson Court.
5/3 councillors surgery at Hurdsfield Library.
7/3 gave council report to Harry Lawson Court and Hurdsfield Residents Association.
8/3 Macclesfield Town Council meeting.
11/3 Labour Party meeting on Housing issues with Tim Pinder and Christian Matherson MP.
14/3 labour Group meeting Sandbach.
15/3 Took part in Sports relief 2 mile run.
16/3 first copies of the Hurdy arrive.
-Attended local plan consultation at Macclesfiled Town Hall
17/3 reported Hurdsfield road bus shelter flooding
20/3 attended an exhibition on the Jews in Macclesfield meeting local MP and CEO of Cheshire East.
21/3 Attended Hurdsfield Primary School governors meeting
22/3 attended CLP executive meeting meeting Labour Police commissioner candidate
23/3 case work on Alms houses trust
28/3 casework on disabled parking, Lifestyle coordinator at HLC.

February report

1/2 I wrote the political comment article for the Macclesfield Express on Kings Schools planning application for he green belt and about tax avoidance and the hated bedroom tax.
2/2 spoke with. Labour town councillor Neil Putrick about setting up a Youth council.
3/2 made two more nominations for the Macclesfield Community Awards.
6/2 my councillor surgery at Hurdsfield Community Library
7/2 litter picking with Friends of Victoria. Park
8/2 labour Group meeting at Sandbach with Cheshire East finance officers
9/2 received lobbying letter from head teacher of Kings School
10/2 Macclesfield. Express publish my article on Kings School and the green belt
11/2 received confirmation of removal of short stretch of yellow lines on Hurdsfield Rd
17/2 Art attack at Hurdsfield. Community library
18/2 Friends of Banbury Park have new outdoor equipment fitted in the park. Well done to Adele and Sam
20/2 catch up. Cheshire East e mails
21/2 good coverage in Macclesfield Express of the Barracks Mill planning application.
22/2 I am the Labour coordinator for the EU referendum in Macclesfield
25/2 Cheshire East full council meeting Crewe
– I spoke against the closure of Children’s centres
-voted against the conservative budget cutting services
– asked again for minutes of meetings between council officers and Kings School
26/2 version 2 of Cheshire East local plan was passed
– case work Highways, street lighting

27/2 casework and sent Hurdy to printers


January report

6/1 spoke at the public meeting on the kings School planning application. The Town Hall had over 150 members of the public in attendance and the majority were against the use of the green belt for a new public school.
9/1 My council surgery held at Hurdsfield Community Library. Also in attendance was PCSO Melissa. Mellor.
11/1 I attended Labour Group meeting in Sabdbach
12/1 worked on the Hurdy newsletter
– doctors strike in Macclesfield against Conservative contracts
13/1 worked on community newsletter
14/1 Conservatives select Rachel Bailey to be leader of council after M Jones resigned.
17/1 update in Labour. NW EU campaign
19/1 worked on community newsletter
20/1 worked on anti. Kings School planning application in green belt campaign
– Macclesfield Express reports on new community cafe for Hurdsfield
21/1 casework on highways issues
-Cheshire East building raided by police over Corefit contracts reported in Macclesfield Express
25/1 Made nominations for Macclesfield Civic Awards
28/1 attended Hurdsfield Community Group meeting
30/1 updated my web site with council reports.

Extra information
– Hurdsfield Slimming World 7pm Mykita Leisure Snape Rd
-the. Box youth group 6-8 Thursdays at the Hurdsfield Community Lib

December report

1/12 mayor of East Cheshire calls for enquiry and/or resignation of leader of the council. This issue rumbled on through December and eventually the council leader resigned.
2/12 sent five proposals for next years Highways budget for the Hurdsfield area.
3/12 updated my web site
5/12 council surgery at Hurdsfield Library and met with HCG and Friends of Victoria Park
6/12 sponsored run Tatton Yule Yomp
7/12 gave my council report to residents of Harry Lawson Court
– printed song sheets for Carols in the park concert and advertising sheets
9/12 I attended the Hurdsfield Primary School Christmas Concert at Holy Trinity church
11/12 I attended Labour meeting in Macclesfield with guest speaker Stephen Twigg MP
14/12 I attended the labour group meeting Sandbach
17/12 labour Group meeting and Cheshire East Full council in Sandbach
– I requested details of meetings between Kings School and the council.
18/12 I was a steward at the Friends of Victoria Park Christmas carol concert.
– Hurdsfield Primary School governors sub committee meeting
20/12 Friends of Victoria Park party

22/12 Dealing with protest over development of Kings School site
23/12 I attended Art Attack at Hurdsfield Library
Christmas holidays


2/11 Residents meeting cancelled. I expressed my concerns at bus fares of £2.80 into Macclesfield from Hurdsfield. Intend to pursue this issue if possible.
4/11 I wrote the Macclesfield Express political comment concentrating on new council houses being built by Cheshire East and objecting to Conservative plans to cut Tax credits
5/11 spoke to journalist about CEC house building programme
7/11 I attended my council surgery at Hurdsfield Library
– litter pick volunteers on the Hurdsfield estate. Six of us out. Very little dog mess on pavements.
8/11 caught up with council e mails and casework
11/11 Macclesfield Express column published
12/11 delighted that Contour Homes are investing £1700 in the Hurdsfield Library securing its future for a further year
13/11 Started an online consultation with residents on the Barracks Mill development. Received a considerable number of views via Facebook and Twitter
14/11 police beat meeting at Hurdsfield library with PCSO Mellor
16/11 casework highways issue on Hurdsfield Rd
17/11 e mail catch up
18/11 I attended Cheshire East Highways meeting in Macclesfield
-Brocklehurst path resurface
-Delamere parking
-Hurdsfield rd parking
– schools 20mph zone Hulley Rd
19/11 I attended the developers meeting with members of the public over Barracks Mill development
20/11 I attended an Army Benevolent Fund charity event to help raise money for our ex service men and women
25/11 I attended the Hurdsfield Community group meeting at the library
27/11 there was a cheese and wine evening at Hurdsfield Library
28/11 delighted to see the Autumn statement showed no cuts to tax credits after hard work by Labour peers and MPs.
30/11 Friends of Victoria Park got a £500 grant to run the carols in the park event from Macclesfield Town Council


1/10 catching up with CEC e mails and planning applications.
3/10 Councillor surgery at Hurdsfield Community Library.
4/10 out litter picking with the Friends of Victoria Park Macclesfield.
5/10 I chaired the Hurdsfield Residents Association. Reports from Peaks and Plains, HCG, Friends of Banbury Park, Friends of Victoria Park, local Police.
– gave councillors report to residents of Harry Lawson Court
7/10 I attended the meeting of the Hurdsfield Community Group.
9/10 looked at planning application for retail development of the BM site. Available online
12/10 I attended Hurdsfield Primary School governors meeting.
13/10 Trick or treat posters now available at the Community Library and delivered to residents by PCSO Mellor.
14/10 contacted about media concern over dangers of BM site.
16/10 informed of CEC contract procedures making it into Private Eye magazine. Labour group to challenge leader at full council.
20/10 meeting with Peaks and Plains and ECHC re development opportunities
21/1010 preparation for full council
22/10 I attended CEC full council at Sandbach. Labour attempted again to keep open public care facilities in Macclesfield following receipt of a petition of 4000. I spoke on constitutional changes and public access to CEC meetings.
23/10 new bus shelter built on Hurdsfield Rd near the Coop. This has taken over 15 months to get built but we are delighted it is completed.


3/9 passed the HCG funding application to chair of the group.
4/9 bought books for children’s reading prizes
-councillors surgery at Hurdsfield Community Library
– Litter picking volunteers on Hurdsfield
– Local Plan resumes
7/9 gave my council report to residents at Harry Lawson Court
8/9 updates council reports to my web site
12/9 I gave out summer reading challenge prizes to children on Hurdsfield at the Community Library
– attended Hurdsfield Canal Volunteers group
14/9 I attended the the Labour Group meeting in Sandbach to discuss the work programme
16/9 The TARA has now been reconstituted as the Hurdsfield Residents Association and has moved venue from Harry Lawson Court to the Hurdsfield Community Library.
17/9 we need more Homewatch coordinators please contact PCSO Mellor for application pack
22/9 Case work on Hurdsfield Rd parking.This may take a cure the 6 months to solve.
– Cheshire East emails
23/9 looked over the planning applications for AstraZeneca site
-CEC Children’s Services receive a poor Ofsted report but adoption services judged good.
26/9 I attended Macmillan Coffee morning at Hurdsfield Community Library
– met with PCSO Mellor to discuss issues on Baracks Mill site
28/9 CEC e mails catch up
29/9 contacted by Peaks and Plains re Sea Cadets proposals
30/9 contacted CEC planning enforcement re Baracks Mill.
31/9 HCG funding application now submitted.
– delighted to see Co op Hurdsfield sponsoring local junior rugby club

I am concerned about the impact of the cuts of several million pounds to Peaks and Plains and the effect on Hurdsfield residents and tenants. Certainly there will be difficulty getting better parking on Delamere Drive if these cuts go through.

August report

It is a short report this month due to being away on holiday.

2/8 I worked on casework on highways issues on Hurdsfield Rd. Officers now looking at parking bays.

3/8 I chaired the last Tenants And Residents meeting. The group will move to Hurdsfield library and be renamed the Hurdsfield Residents Association. This follows decisions made by Peaks and Plains.

–       Guest speaker was David Rutley MP

5/8 I attended Art Attack at Hurdsfield Library.

6/8 I dealt with casework at Harry Lawson Court.

8/8 My council surgery at Hurdsfield Library 11-12.

–       Also looked at HCG accounts ahead of an audit inspection

12/8 Dealt with casework on Buxton Road

13/8 Met with Dan Coyne from Cheshire East council and chair of HCG to discuss funding for the group

14/8 Wrote up July council report for publishing on web site

14/8 Arranged with PCSO for new Homewatch schemes to be set up on Hurdsfield. Volunteers still needed. Packs are available from PCSO Melissa Mellor


On holiday


27/8 Met the chair of HCG to discuss funding application forms.

29/8 I worked on completing funding applications for the Hurdsfield Community Group. This is to sustain the local library. I also wrote a covering letter for the application.

Report for July 2015

2/7 I attended the Hurdsfield Action Team meeting.

3/7 I wrote the Macclesfield Express Political comment.

4/7 Council Surgery at Hurdsfield Community Library.

6/7 I chaired the Hurdsfield Tenants and Residents meeting with guest speaker Basil Jeuda


-Planning inspector has intimated this week that CEC may have to redo the Local Plan

-New Town Centre development put forward by unelected body. Loss of one car park at least.

8/7 Receive Masons Lane housing development plan fro Peaks and Plains.

13/7 LAbour Group meeting in Sandbach

15/7 I attended East branch of the Labour Party meeting and gave a counciloors report.

16/7 I attended the Kings School development open evening. I oppose taking lans out of the green belt to build houses to fund a private school.

21/7 I attended Cheshire East Cabinet meeting in Sandbach.

–       Legal highs

–       Anti-social behavior

–       Local plan

–       Domestic Abuse provision

–       Travellers provision

–       Adult Social Care

22/7 Casework on:

– Macclesfield bus station toilets

– Brocklehurst Ave overgrown verges

-HGV concerns on Queens Ave

– Bins in Victoria Park

23/7 I attended Cheshire East full council meeting.

–       Chief Fire officer attended to give a review of the Bosley incident.

–       Constitutional reforms withdrawn

–       Excellent speeches from public on Hollins View

–       Civil Service pay bands

–       Skills and Growth Asdv passed

–       Assets sales approved, I spoke to lead member re Hurdsfield Community Centre and its future sale.

–       The Leader of the council praised the work of the Hurdsfield Community Library and Friends of Banbury Park during questions.


-I organised the first Hurdsfield Clean up hour for September.

– I wrote proposals for constitutional reforms for council meetings


Council report for June

1/6 I chaired the Hurdsfield Tenants and Residents TARA meeting at Harry Lawson Court. Reports were made from all the organisations working on the estate and our guest speaker was Natalie Nuttall from the Hurdsfield SMILE Group postnatal depression charity.

2/6 CEC Highways have agreed to burn off a section of double yellow lines on Hurdsfield Rd following a petition. Parking remains a significant issue in our area.

–       I also discussed anti social behavior incident with the local police.

3/6 Casework dealing with a dropped curbstone issue on Brocklehurst

–       delighted to report that Peaks and Plains will be putting more parking in on Brocklehurst with a programme to put driveways onto tenants homes.

5/6 I attended a meeting with Planning, Highways and Peaks and Plains engineers regarding parking options on Delamere drive.

–       Discussed progress on Banbury Park cycle area engineers said this would be completed ahead of school holidays.

6/6 I attended and worked with the Hurdsfield Canal volunteers; the canal pathway has now been resurfaced from Hurdsfield to Buxton Rd.

7/6 I worked with volunteers collecting litter in Victoria Park.

8/6 I attended the Labour Group meeting in Sandbach.

9/6 Casework: trying to get a housing association to remove graffiti from a wall on the Victoria Park estate.

13/6 I wrote a work schedule for the Labour group to allocate manifesto promises to individual councillors and seek to deliver some of the promises from opposition over the next four years.

17/6 I supported and attended an Army Benevolent Fund event at Eaton Park.

18/6 I attended an emergency group meeting to discuss the process surrounding the appointment of the CEC Head of Children’s services. The group approved the process.

22/6 I attended Hurdsfield Primary School governors meeting.

–       the Macclesfield Express reported on the Hurdsfield gas towers months after I reported this to you on this web site.

24/6 I attended the Hurdsfield Community Group AGM delighted to see Samantha appointed as chair and Andrew and Adele appointed as vice chairs.

28/6 I attended and supported the Friends of Victoria Park tea and cake charity event.

29/6 I attended as a trustee of the Stanley Brocklhurst and Fence Alms House trustees meeting.

30/6 CEC Conservative cabinet approved the closure of Hollins Park care home to save 1.3 million. This in the teeth of Labour Party and public opposition. There is a great concern on the availability of care facilities in Macclesfield. This has been widely covered in the press.

May Report

A good proportion of April and May was taken up with the local elections. I was delighted to win a second term as Hurdsfield councilor and increase my majority.

2/5 My council surgery at Hurdsfield Library 11-12

3/5 Leafleting Hurdsfield

4/5 Chaired the Hurdsfield Tenants and Residents Association meeting, guest speaker the head teacher Hurdsfield primary school.

5/5 Canvassing and leafleting

6/5 Canvassing and leafleting

7/5 ELECTION day

8/5 I attended the Election count at Macclesfield Leisure Centre. I am pleased to be reelected as councillor for Hurdsfield with a bigger majority. Thank you to all who voted for me.

9/5 Attended the Hurdsfield Canal Trust volunteers day

–       Attended the Hurdsfield VE day celebrations in Banbury Park

–       Delighted that CEC have finally given the promised £6000 to the Friends of Banbury Park.

–       Matthew Sharrocks elected to represent Hurdsfield on the Macclesfield Town Council.

10/5 Participated in the Manchester 10km run raising £200 for Hurdsfield the Smile Group

11/5 Labour Group meeting Sandbach to decide committee places on the new council.

14/5 I attended Hurdsfield Action Team meeting.

–       create a newsletter for Hurdsfield

–       Set up an estate volunteer clean up day every two months.

16/5 I participated in the clean up of the Bollin/Middlewood Way path organised by Tesco.

18/5 To Sandbach to sign legal papers to be councilor again

19/5 I wrote a Macclesfield Express Labour political column.

21/5 Attended the first Macclesfield Town council to support Cllr Matthew Sharrocks.

24/5-29/5 away on holiday

30/5 Casework on HCG funding.



1/4 CLP election launch event with Tim Roca at Legh Arms Adlington

3/4 Leafleting the Hurdsfield Flats and Victoria Park estate Hurdsfield.

4/4 Councilor’s surgery at Hurdsfield library 11-12 followed by leafleting

5/4 Leafleting Hurdsfield

6/4 Leafleting Hurdsfield

7/4 Peaks and Plains open day and consultation at Hurdsfield Library

– Charter Trustees meeting Macclesfield Town Hall

– Receive planning application for Brocklehurst Ave

– Received planning application Black Lane

8/4 Art Attack event at Hurdsfield Library

11/4 Attended Hurdsfield Canal trust event

12/4 Attended Victoria park litter pick event

13/4 Met Highways officer Chris Sheilds to look at Delelmere drive parking options.

–       Chaired Hurdsfield Tenants and Residents meeting guest speaker Tracy Collins from Hurdsfield Children’s Centre.

–       Canvassed Black Rd/ Garden Street area

16/4 Attended Alms Houses trustees meeting

18/4 Attended Disley Labour Party coffee morning

–       Attended and participated in Hurdsfield Community Group Arts day

19/4 Leafleting Hurdsfield

20/4 Attended Tim Roca Labour hustings event in Poynton.

22/4 Canvassed Queens Avenue area.

24/4 Highways agreed to move the bus shelter for Hurdsfield Rd up the list to ensure completion before the winter.

26/4 I was on the Labour stall at the Treacle Market and attended the Macclesfield general election hustings event.

27/4 Leafleting and canvassing Hurdsfield.

29/4 Canvassing Hulley Rd area.

March report

1/3 Received three planning applications for Tesco stores. There will be an electric car charging facility at the store. No call ins requested.

2/3 I chaired a well-attended Hurdsfield Tenants and Residents meeting TARA with guest speaker leader of the council Cllr Michael Jones. We discussed parking issues on Delamere Drive. There were reports from the Church, Friends of Victoria Park, Friends of Banbury Park, my councillor’s report, Keith who is working on a Hurdsfield neighbourhood plan, Emma Budge our community organizer, The Hurdsfield Community Group.

3/3-6/3 The Hurdsfield Dog fouling campaign. We have put up nearly 50 pick up after your dog signs across Hurdsfield. Many thanks to the volunteers that helped us achieve this.

6/3 Posted the consultation of the Hurdsfield Post Office review which means that the Hurdsfield Post Office will continue. This was an election pledge in 2013.

7/3 My council surgery at Hurdsfield Community Library.

–       More dog fouling signs posted on Queens Avenue.

–       I visited the Hurdsfield Canal Volunteers who are repairing the paths along the canal helped by the Canal trust.

8/3 Casework evening on Banbury Park, Brocklehurst paths, Hurdsfield Rd bus shelter and Delamere parking.

9/3 Wrote press release on Town Centre plan and the Wilson Bowden Scheme. Labour councillors have opposed this scheme as the wrong way forward for Macclesfield.

10/3 Cheshire East reply and act on my request to deal with flytipping behind Delamere drive

11/3 I worked on my election leaflets.

12/3 Contacted Highways bosses again over Delamere parking.

13/3 Received Delamere Drive parking petition many thanks to all who signed this. Forwarded to the council officers. I had hoped to meet with the Highways team before the May election on this issue.

-Macclesfield Express run Town Centre development story using my quotes.

15/3 Cheshire East confirm that Community Payback teams will be used to clean up land behind Delamere Drive.

-An evening of casework

17/3 I was at the election office at Macclesfield Town Hall

18/3 I attended the Hurdsfield Action team meeting at Hurdsfield Primary school. We discussed the plans and diary of events for the Hurdsfield Children’s Centre. Great work being done there. You can buy second hand children’s clothes for 50p at the Children’s Centre.

20/3 Was informed that the Hurdsfield Gas towers will be pulled down by the end of the year. Consultation has started and I posted this on Hurdsfield Facebook site.

21/3 I attended the Macclesfield Labour campaign meeting.

22/3 Banbury Park planting day cancelled due to wet surfaces. I visited Harry Lawson Court.

25/3 I attended Hurdsfield Community Group at the Community Library and gave my councillor’s report.

-Also asked for the group to look at social isolation and loneliness issues on the estate.

-Introduce Matthew Sharrocks as our Town Council candidate.

26/3 I attended the Wake up Macclesfield meeting at St Michael’s Church to listen to views on the town centre development.

29/3 I attended the Mayors Community Awards day at Macclesfield Town Hall. Delighted to have nominated four Hurdsfield volunteers who received their awards from Cllr Janet Jackson Mayor of Macclesfield.

–       Agreed to run the Manchester 10km for Hurdsfield postnatal depression charity The Smile Group.

30/3 I was dealing with flooding on Brocklehurst Rd. I had reported the drains blocked in early March and the flooding followed from CEC inaction. I had to get hold of the leader of the council and the Chief Executive officer to get the team out to deal with the problem.

Council Report February 2015

February is a short month and I managed to visit Israel Palestine to honour a pledge I made during the European elections to see for myself what was going on in the Palestinian territories. This has nothing to do with my duties as a councilor but I wanted to confirm that I did what I told people I was going to do. Too may politicians make empty promises and I don’t want to be seen as one of them. Indeed, I am delighted to say that the three pledges I made to the people of Hurdsfield when I was elected two years ago have now been met. Pledge 1 was to help preserve both the Hurdsfield library and Post Office. Both are now safe and secure. Pledge 2 was to oppose green belt housing and I voted against the Local Plan which would have allowed speculative development on the Kings School site. The third pledge 3 was to secure funding for the new Hurdsfield Community Centre at the Library. We have secured £10,000 from Cheshire east and £10,000 from Peaks and Plains to move this project forward at last.

New events

Tuesday Nights sewing group 7-9 at Hurdsfield Library and Wednesday night youth group “The Box” for 11 years and older

1/2 We were out leafleting on Hurdsfield and canvassing Victoria Park estate.

5/2 I attended the Stanley Brocklehurst Alms Trust meeting I am a trustee of this group

7/2 My Councillors surgery 11-12 Hurdsfield Community Library.

–       Met with Evan the Vicar of Holy Trinity Hurdsfield to discuss working to improve the estate and the future changes to the church.

8/2 I did my litter picking duty with Friends of Victoria Park.

9/2 I attended the Cheshire East Labour group meeting in Sandbach to discuss the budget and CEC finances. Laos discussed the election leaflets.

11/2 There was good coverage in the Macclesfield Express about our Queens Avenue licensing campaign. The residents have decided not to appeal the decision due to the high cost of the process.

13/2-22/2 I was in Israel Palestine

18/2 Art attack at Hurdsfield Library for children

22/2 Bulb planting at Banbury Park cancelled due to soaked soil.

24/2 I attended the Macclesfield Charter Trustees meeting to discuss Civic Awards. All four nominations from Hurdsfield were accepted. Civic Awards for Sam and Adele from friends of Banbury Park and Andrew and Richard from the Hurdsfield Community Group

26/2 I was unable to attend full council and Hurdsfield Governors meeting today due to work commitments. Apologies given.

– Good coverage in the Macclesfield Express of the Friends of Banbury Park.

27/2 Casework Poor surfaces on Commercial Rd

27/2 Started the Hurdsfield Clean up after your dog campaign. New signs purchased and stuck up. Two types of sign round purple signs and small red signs. There has been a big positive response from Hurdsfield residents on social media to this campaign.

28/2 I attended the Peoples Assembly against Austerity event in Manchester.

Council Report January 2015

4/1 Made nominations and submitted details to Mayors Awards for Community and voluntary service.

5/1 I was Liaising with CEC re sale of old Community building.

6/1 I had a meeting with Jacqui Sinott Director of Peaks and Plains re funding new community rooms.

7/1 Friends of Banbury Park met with CEC officers to negotiate establishing a new trust and transfer of initial £6k grant.

8/1 I attended the Local Service Delivery meeting re new Town Council and transfer of assets to Macc TC. I walked out of this meeting when I was denied the right to speak and ask questions on double taxation.

10/1 Met with interested parties to design a new neighbourhood plan for Hurdsfield.

10/1 Council surgery with PCSO Mandy Smith at Hurdsfield Community Library.

11/1 2000 leaflets delivered in Hurdsfield

11/1 Wrote letter supporting WREN funding for Friends of Banbury Park

11/1 Car tyre slashing on Brocklehurst Ave I called for witnesses to contact police via 101 telephone number.

12/1 I attended the Labour Group meeting in Congleton to discuss council budget and finances. £6.8 million cut to budgets.

12/1 Planning application for residential change to butchers on Hurdsfield Rd.

13/1 I attended the Macclesfield Charter Trustees meeting and was briefed on Neighbourhood plans. A number of Hurdsfield residents attended the meeting as well.

14/1 I was contacted by a resident from Delamere Drive who opposes the Sea Cadet development. I support the development in principle as long as it meets with planning law.

15/1 Contacted PCSO for update on tyre vandalism on Brocklehurst.

15/1 PCSO visited parking complainant on Buxton Rd.

16/1 I received First draft of a proposed Hurdsfield Neighbourhood plan.

19/1 Report back from Sandgate Rd consultation not enough residents supported traffic lines.

19/1 Made a request of CEC for dog fouling signs and sat bin for outside the library.

19/1 Received a Planning application on Hulley Rd.

21/1 Macclesfield Labour Party East branch meeting gave my Council report.

23/1 Met with Community Officer Chris Mairs from Peaks and Plains to discuss parking difficulties on Delamere Drive and dog fouling in Hurdsfield

24/1 I attended General Election briefing in Liverpool.

26/1 Researched Licensing applications and wrote speech for tomorrows meeting.

26/1 Received conformation that PAPHT would fund new community rooms along with CEC to the tune of £20k.

27/1 I attended and spoke against a license application for Queens Ave. Sadly the committee awarded the license in the face of widespread opposition from the public.

27/1 New children’s play equipment fitted in Victoria Park.

28/1 Leader of the council agrees to speak at Hurdsfield Residents and Tenants group in March.


31/1 I took part in a Save the NHS street stall Macclesfield Town Centre.

December Council report

1/12 Published November Council Report on web site


– I arranged a meeting with PAPHT over problems with investing in Library community centre

– Delay in the failed Conservative Local Plan may cost £200,000. I voted against the plan because I believed it to be flawed and I promised at election time I would oppose green belt development.


–       Contacted Mike Suarez CEO of CEC re £1 million Hurdsfield Family Centre funding and the selling off of the Community Centre. The latter has been agreed under “delegated powers”. No contact made with me over this decision.

–       I Contacted Leader of Council Michael Jones re PAPHT funding for the Library development.

–       Cabinet decided not to go ahead with dementia care closures following local Labour campaign.

–       PCSO Mandy Simpson holding Youth group meetings at “The Box” that is the library! On Wednesdays.

4/12 I wrote Macclesfield Express column on volunteering in Hurdsfield and on the new Town Council. Published week before Christmas


-My Councillor surgery at Hurdsfield Library.

-Attended Friends of Banbury Park open morning to show plans for a revitalized park.


-Ran the Tatton 10km Yule Yomp

-Friends of Victoria Park Litter pick (next one February)


–       Meeting with Michael Jones leader of CEC with Friends of Banbury Park group. Promised to set up a trust with initial investment of £6000 and up to £20k in future investment.

–       Discussed PAPHT investment issue at Library hub

9/12 Became involved in the Queens Ave Licensing issue. Gave advice and wrote letter to council. I oppose the Licensing application on anti social behavior and parking concerns.

10/12 I attended the Macclesfield Labour Campaign group meeting. We looked at May election campaign and the need for Town Council volunteers

– I am disappointed Police are not opposing Queens Ave License application.

11/12 Attended Cheshire East full council meeting

15/12 I did casework on a future Neighbourhood plan for Hurdsfield.

16/12 I created a petition document for Queens Ave group

17/12 I attended Hurdsfield Primary School Christmas concert at HTH.

18/12 There is a positive response from public review of Sandgate Rd Traffic restriction proposals


-I attended Friends of Victoria Park Christmas carol concert and drew the raffle with Leader of CEC Michael Jones and CEO Mike Suarez. A very wet night.

-I attended the volunteers at Hurdsfield Library Party.


– I met with residents of Queens Ave re Licensing application.

– I attended the Hurdsfield Library Children’s Party.


– I went out with the Queens Avenue petition this morning.

– I contacted Emma Budge regarding proposed Hurdsfield Youth Council.

22/12 The Commercial Rd and Davies Street TRO should be completed in the New Year

23/12 I have been contacted again about parking on Delamere Drive. This seems to be an unresolvable issue. The estate was not designed for the level of car ownership. I have asked PAPHT to look at creating more parking in their properties.

24/12 Casework:

– Damaged sign on Brocklehurst Rd has been reported.

– I contacted a PAPHT Board member re Library issue.

– I contacted Cllr David Topping re Potholes.

– I made enquiries on how we can better get Pupil Premium money for local schools.

– I contacted Cllr Raynes over Green Belt in Hurdsfield and the new Local plan.

– I contacted Caroline Simpson over the proposed sale of the Hurdsfield Community building and sec 106 agreements

November Councillors report


-I attended the Labour Party NW Regional conference in Blackpool this weekend.


Hurdsfield Action Team meeting-gave apologies

– I chaired the Hurdsfield Tenants and Residents meeting at HLC. We had reports from Peaks and Plains estate officer, Community organizer, Friends of Victoria Park, Friends of Banbury Park, Victoria Park Homewatch and councilor. The guest speaker was Cllr Janet Jackson Mayor of Macclesfield who spoke on her year as mayor. This meeting will not run again until March.


–       I chaired the Hurdsfield Community Primary School Governors Pay Review committee.

–       I attended the Stanley Brocklehurst/ Fence Ave Alms House meetings as a Trustee. We put in place a ten year development plan for the houses


-I helped plant 100 trees for the Remembrance garden in Victoria Park with RSPB Friends of Victoria Park and Woodland Trust. About 40 local people attended and took part with a moving ceremony at the end.

-Council surgery at the Hurdsfield Community Library.


–       I worked with Food4Macc and Friends of Victoria Park on planting a fruit garden in Victoria Park. The group also held a minutes silence at 11am.

–       10/11 Friends of Banbury Park had a successful meeting with ANSA chiefs. Well done to Sam and Adele.

11/11 Macclesfield Post Office move to WH Smiths consultation begins today ends 21st December

12/11 I attended the Local Service Delivery meeting to discuss proposals for a Town Council for Macclesfield. Town Council proposed for Macclesfield with 12 councillors elections May 2015.

16/11 Finalised meeting between leader of CEC and the Friends of BP for December 8th

7/11 Wrote and posted councillors report onto my web site.

18/11 Dealt with a safeguarding and Internet casework

19/11 Received a Hurdsfield Road TRO request again to remove yellow lines (casework) Posted on Hurdsfield FB for residents views.

21/11 I attended the Army Benevolent Fund raising dinner in Chester. Cpl Andy Reid guest speaker.


-Agreed public letter to residents of Sandgate re Traffic Order request.

– Contacted PAP re £20k funding for library development


-I attended Hurdsfield Community Group meeting and gave my councillors report. Very disappointed that Peaks and Plains will not be supporting the Library development into the community rooms. We had assurances that £20,000 would have been on the table. But they now say they are not going to invest. This is doubly annoying since Cheshire East Council have given them the buildings for free. I will be pursuing this with PAPHT board.

– Bingo nights at the library are a success

– Youth drop in club at the library Wednesday’s 3.30 with PCSO Mandy Simpson

27/11 I have been encouraging local people to become involved in creating a neighbourhood plan for Macclesfield. I have asked our community organiser to be engaged in this process as well. Cllr Brown has resigned from Local Plan leadership.

29/11 I attended the turning on the Macclesfield Christmas lights. The lights were switched on by Cllr Janet Jackson Mayor of Macclesfield


October Councillor’s report


-Contacted the council about finding sec 106 money to help with Banbury Park.

-Planning inspector closes investigation on East Cheshire local plan. The controversial local plan includes taking Kings School land out of the green belt. Many Hurdsfield people attended meetings on this last year and I voted against the Local Plan on this issue. I have sent representations to inspector.


–       I presented six Summer Reading Awards and books to Hurdsfield children at Hurdsfield Community Library.

–       -Inaugural meeting of the Friends of Banbury park

–       Held my councillors surgery

–       Bought a new coffee machine for the OAP group at the Library


-Helped out on the Friends of Victoria Park clean up along with ten local volunteers. The park is looking very clean and tidy.


-Chaired the Hurdsfield Tenants and Residents meeting at HLC with guest speaker Helen Davies from Peaks and Plains. Reports back from all the Hurdsfield based groups. Discussed Bingo night at the Hurdsfield Community Library.


-Our dementia care save Hollins petition was handed in today at the Town Hall. Macclesfield Express has now joined this campaign.


-Cabinet approve £1 million spend on the Hurdsfield Family Centre on Nicholson Close


-Conservatives Council put Town Council for Macclesfield on back burner.

-Labour dementia care campaign makes front page of Macclesfield Express.

10/10 Banbury park play area surface re-felt completed at the price of £6000. This is the cost of vandalism. The police have said they have issued warnings about criminal damage to several young people.


– I did not attend East Cheshire full council meeting because it was held during the working day. I have asked the Mayor to consider the effect of starting council meetings at a time when working councillors could not attend.

–       Hurdsfield Children’s Centre is doing a children’s clothes exchange/shop.

–       I attended Hurdsfield Community Primary School governors meeting

today which started at 5.30pm


–       I helped with the Friends of Banbury Park big clean up along with over twenty local volunteers. Well done to Sam and Adele who organised the event. There was a lot of litter picked up and many of the bushes cut back and cleared. Sam and Adele have cleared two skips of materials from the park and are meeting with the leader of Cheshire East next month to secure funding.

20/10 I was doing planning casework on Delamere Drive.

24/10 on holiday

September Councilors Report


1/9 Attended and reported to The Hurdsfield tenants and residents meeting.

2/9 I attended a meeting with Chris Mairs community officer for Peaks and Plains housing trust. Discussed parking issues on Hurdsfield estate and future of tenants group.

6/9 Councilors surgery at Hurdsfield Community Library


–       Attended Labour Group meeting in Sandbach

–       Attended meeting of friends of Victoria Park to discuss funding

9/9 Hurdsfield road footpath renovation and repair to remove dangerous stone pavement slabs was started this week.

10/9 Attended Cheshire East Local Highways committee

-Commercial Rd and Snape Rd TRO now ready for action

13/9 I attended Macclesfield Street stall and petition over closure of Hollins Park home. This was a great success and we have a large number of people signing to protect dementia and